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>What does it all mean? most of you may ask what the purpose of your life is. Have you been caught staring up to the stars, it seems to be my favourite pose as of late. I ponder to myself alot I’m kind of an internal thinker, which sometimes gets mistaken for something else. I ponder things like this when I’m staring through you

What does it mean when your trials come to face you at the door? I find myself with mixed emotions about it all. Having the knowledge I know now but not the strength to react or to not react. I see two doors, two choices in every situation. Most people say it’s not that black and white…that’s fine it’s your opinion.

What does it mean to be a christian? I don’t think that there is really anything meant by being a christian, christianity is just the acceptance of christ, or the admittance that he is the son of god and the true savior for all humanity. But as a man he was just an everyday person with an extraordinary attribute. The one Living God working in him, the unity of being one with god.

If a woman or a man’s goal was to become more like christ or the incarnation of christ what would be the first step? Is there really a step? Can we really learn from all these crap self help books that are titled “Ten easy steps to a better life” “A step by step guide to being a more sanctified christian” or other general books that lump the status quo into one group and forget about the individuality of each person.

I think the problem is that churches today stare into a void of the elite, the christianity is forgotten, the fakeness is lived from day today, the masks are worn, the motions are gone through, the smiles are passed, if you see someone smiling what is the first thing you notice? is it thier teeth or thier eyes. Do you ask how they’re doing mindlessly…without waiting for the response? Do you care? Do I care that you care?…..Not really! the churches I see today are still made of styrofoam…there is no real substance no real stone.

Some people love crowds they get their ego stroked they dream of big things while smaller men stand in the corner, the ones that get told they’re no good or they got a long way to go. The new christians get told “your new, how great” ‘Pat, pat.’ on the head and a condesending smile. What does church mean? I don’t see a purpose for church if it is not functioning the way it was intended to. Stop living the facade and start examining the inside, My mind is no longer trust worthy I will only listen to my heart.

SO you tell me the answers to my “What’s?” Cause I’m tired and out of Ideas.


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