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My Daughter

OK before i get into it, You should understand that it’s September.

That means that there are a million more things to do than normal.

Kids need new clothes, supplies, shoes etc in time for school, cross country, church whatever.

And all of the programs at church are kicking off.

I’m in a state of eternally playing catch up.

This week i skipped the day off cause i was in Southern ontario serving on a district committee. Got home tuesday night and jumped right back in on Wednesday with a full day of meetings.

This morning i was planning on ticking a lot of boxes because next week we’re on Staff “retreat” on Monday Tuesday and Wednesday and i need to get some stuff off my plate so next week when we’re back, i can be in message prep mode as i’ve got two assignments approaching. Instead i spent the morning spending some really good time with a fellow staff member who i needed to connect with. Good time, but no boxes ticked.

I checked the email before rushing home to watch Esther while Luana goes to School, and my inbox was full of new boxes.

I got home and Luana, who had been working like crazy all morning greeted me with a list of things i needed to do so she could jump right back in when she gets home with her list.

I wolfed down a bite and fed Esther lunch and started working my way through the honey do list when I noticed that Esther was talking to me and had been for who knows how long.

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I paused from loading the dishwasher to hear her story.

She said, “There was a girl named mary who had a sister, and Mary’s sister was busy getting ready for lunch because God came over. but Mary listened to God instead. And God said, you don’t have to be in such a rush.”

To say i was rattled a bit is an understatement. I didn’t know what to say. I sat down next to her and pulled on onto my lap and gave her a hug so she wouldn’t see me cry. I asked her how she got so smart.

She reminded me she goes to school.

I need a say a couple things now.

I need to say thank-you to Heather and Mark and the whole team in Children’s Ministry at Redwood park for helping my daughter get so smart.

I need to tell you that i love pouring my life into people so that they can learn to hear from God and take steps of obedience and purpose and spend their lives walking with him.

I know that everything i do at Redwood is really important. So if i haven’t gotten to something i said i would do or something you hoped i would do, i’m sorry. I really am. I’ve just been reminded that there’s something really important i need to do right now.


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