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You Deserve More

Today I was having lunch with a small group of pastors and educators that I serve at a great Middle-Eastern restaurant in Kitchener. I ordered their beef Shawarma, with rice and fattoush.

As it happens sometimes, the curse of Simon Sinek was upon me and everyone got their meal before I did. That’s when our waitress looked at me and asked, “what were you waiting for again?” I started to answer and as soon as “the beef Shawarma” had left my lips, I could tell it jogged her memory and that she hadn’t completely forgotten my order.  The problem must be something in the kitchen.

In just a minute she came back with a plate and an apologetic look on her face. They were a little short on beef Shawarma, so she brought me all that was left and she assured me, more was on, and that she’d bring it out as soon as it was ready. I was happy to hear this. I am after all, a man sized man with a man sized appetite. Plus, their beef Shawarma looked and smelled amazing.

It was! and the portion I got was fine for a light lunch. We ate. and bantered. Some guys left and I wondered if I was going to have to ask.

I was just about to turn and ask for the bill and their she was with a take home container with another full lunch portion of what I now know to be the amazing beef Shawarma! I couldn’t hide my gratitude for more food and great service but the apologetic look was still on her face. I thought maybe I didn’t communicate how much I appreciated the meal and the service clearly enough so I said, thank you so much this is wonderful and she looked at me and said, “I’m so sorry. You deserve more than this.”

I admit that I do tend to try and de-escalate potentially uncomfortable situations so I repeatedly thanked her for the meal. I was honestly quite satisfied with the food and the service. I asked for the bill and that was it.

It wasn’t until I got in my car and was driving down the highway that I realized that her words had struck me.

This isn’t a note about exceptional customer service although it definitely could be.

It isn’t a note about exceptional beef Shawarma, I’m not really qualified to say (although i’m thinking about becoming an expert in beef Shawarma – cause I really like saying beef Shawarma…).

It’s not about whether I deserve anything, or am entitled to expect anything.

What she said felt like a kindness to me today.


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