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Disc Review: Better Now Together – Hello Kelly

Easy For You To Say

Hello Kelly's Brand New Season

Full Disclosure.  Francois Goudreault from Hello Kelly is a great friend of mine so this review is bound to be biased.  But I haven’t seen him in over a year so that almost counts as objectivity, right?

I’ve been looking forward to this chapter for a long time.

The cliffhanger from last season was good but I’ll confess it’s been a long metaphorical summer.  The kind when you find yourself slipping into doubt that the networks will pick up your favourite show again and you’ll ever get to see the characters again.

So stoked to get to hear this disc.  Kelly is still so… Hot.

Loved that this album has all the stuff you love about HK without sounding formulaic.  It’s all new and I loved the whole thing.  I couldn’t say that last season, though it grew on me.  Easy For You To Say is all that – immediately.

Francois is the consummate story-teller which is why his music becomes the soundtrack of your life.  Easy For You To Say is full of great episodes.  In The Communication Breakdown HK is still wrestling with all the personal struggles that have shaped it thus far.  Not small stuff either, but something deep inside tells me they’ll survive – unless a chick breaks in about half way in the season and threatens to break up the band.  If Francois has a weakness it’s romance (Our Happy Ending) but Ladder shows you that Francois is still holding out for you Kelly – and if you’re ever stuck in a global apocalypse you’re gonna want HK around.

Loved hearing it and it’s bound to get tons of playtime in my car.

pick it up at on June 14th.


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