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What’s It Going To Take To Save The Future?

It’s with great joy that I announce to you all that it was just a nasty rumour. No one is going to remake the classic, nae the epic tale of the great Marty McFly: Back to the future. Cause you can’t mess with perfection! And if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! And Harold and Kumar and their band of brainless, immature, followers ought to show more respect for a classic. Bunch of ungrateful maggots. Speaking of immature maggots – great article today from Will Mancini to get people thinking on what they are doing to make sure their church is impacting the #next generation. Will runs a consulting ministry that focuses on vision clarity. He is an author and I’ve found his blog very helpful in my own journey as a pastor. He offers these #5 as strategies that churches “employ” (generous word usage) to impact the next generation. Strategy #1: Segmentation – is the approach that many churches take by allowing the next generation to “do their own thing” in a separate environment. It’s neat and tidy in that it allows Younger generations to spread their wings and develop models of ministry that reflect their cultural bias’ but it’s not without problems. As Will says,

Segmentation may lead to a fragmentation. It reinforces a personality-based culture, rather than a shared vision, if two sub-congregations form around preferences of different #leadership styles

Strategy #2: Sharing – when younger people are consistently and seamlessly being integrated into the empowered leadership core of the church. I see this as the strategy Redwood Park has sought to employ most. It allows young people to gain experience in ministry along side of veterans, and provides opportunities to win and to lose in a mixed environment. The challenges almost all centre around the ask: will the older generations give room for stylistic or cultural forms that are somewhat foreign (even alien) and therefore, uncomfortable, for the sake of impacting those to whom they speak. Lots has been written about the missiology of reaching outside of one’s own culture. It’s an ask we all need to face regularly. Strategy #3: #succession – planning to reach future generations by creating and implementing succession plans intentionally and with the future in mind. Strategy #4: Sending – Some ministries will only reach young people by sending their best young leaders into different ministry initiatives or geographic locations. This one doesn’t feel like strategic thinking but rather the avoidance of the issue. Thoughts? Strategy 5: Stopping – If a church doesn’t segment, share, plan for succession, or send with younger leaders it will stop reaching young people. It’s a great article and it’s worth the investment to think constantly about how we are reaching those outside of our own culture or demographic. Check it out here: The Five

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Strategies to Reach Young People at Church – Will Mancini. OK, so i’m crystal clear! I’m not saying that they should remake #back to the future in order to reach the next generation. What I am saying is let them write their own classic tale of the valiant Canadian actor who struggles to overcome his under achieving roots, win the girl, and do his Rock and Roll duty while averting a global terrorist plot! The uncreative, ungrateful…. wait… OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!! That’s just cheap plagiarism if you ask me. What has been your greatest struggle in parenting or pastoring the next generation?


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