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The power of a shared experience

In 2007 I stumbled on a marketing book called Experience the Message about what the author called experiential marketing.  The premise is that in an age of media noise, personally relevant and memorable experiences are a much more powerful medium than any other for getting your message across.  I highly recommend picking up the book if you’re a person with a message of any kind that you’re trying to get across or something you’re willing to sell.  Not cause I care about what you’re selling.  I don’t.  Unless you’re selling something I care about.

If you can figure out what I care about, and offer me that – I’m buying.

I bet you didn’t know that Duracell sold friendship, connection and community.  In Canada we have cold weather, but we also have each other.

Have you ever been surprised by an experience?  Did it change your perception of the company/organization that provided the experience?


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