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Richard Branson Is Right: Time Is the New Money |

Richard Branson, a man known for lavish spending just announce that he’s giving Virgin employees unlimited vacation.

The Industrial Age taught us the only way to make money was to trade time for it. The deal was clear, and always the same: You give me eight to 10 hours of your day, and I’ll give you some money. But in the Participation Age, something new is emerging.

I admit, on one hand this sounds like another garish example of frivolous spending by a man who has more money than he knows what to do with.

On the other it sounds like an obvious move toward an inevitable future.

It brings a lot of questions to mind:

Are we really living in an “Participation age”?

How are targets measured in participation age companies?

What does it look like in Non-profits that already have goals that are different than the bottom line?

Are there unions in these companies? What do they negotiate for?

When you get up and go to work, are you travelling to the Participation age or the Industrial age?

What’s your experience with this?

Check out this Ted talk and leave a comment.

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