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Culture Eats Strategy For Lunch | Fast Company

“Culture Eats Strategy For Lunch”

I’ve heard this statement made many times before but I have to admit, I’m still not completely clear on what culture is or how to recognize it.

One definition I read says that:

organizational culture is the personality of the organization.

That helps because there are copious amounts of material out there to help you understand, measure and identify personality.

It doesn’t help because I’ve yet to find anyone offering the same kind of tools to help you really get your organization’s personality.

More than that, I’ve always understood one’s personality to be a relatively static thing.  I’m an ENFP.  I realize there are limits to this type of assessment.  Still, I was an ENFP in College and I’ll probably be an ENFP when I’m retired.

But according to Shawn Parr, culture is something that can and should be developed.

“Long-term success is dependent on a culture that is nurtured and alive”. 

Read the article here: Culture Eats Strategy For Lunch and then post me some juicy stories of when you dated an organization that looked hot on the outside but whose personality left a lot to be desired.


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