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>A sober thought

>I heard a story recently about a guy who went to visit a pastor in jail. This pastor had been caught trying to commit a crime which in this case is also a crime and the pastor had a sermon to preach from behind the glass and over the phone on the wall.

“Watch your life and doctrine closely…” 1 Tomothy 4:16.

I thought about this story as i continue to wrestle with the concept of Spiritual Formation. in this passage Paul tells timothy to perservere in these things so that people may see his progress.

I’m all for progress when it comes to the spiritual part of my life. Not just actualization, or realization, progress. So i here this loud and clear.

Spiritual progress includes both parts. Life and doctrine. The pastor behind the glass in the custody of the state probably watched his doctrine well. But his message that day was watch your life and doctrine closely.

Loud and clear. I want to grow in life and doctrine. Cause i don’t ever want to find myself where this guy found

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