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A Means To An End

The single greatest thing that you can do, no matter where you are in your faith journey, to grow in your faith is to read and meditate on what you just read in the Bible!

You’ll be amazed at how God meets you in the pages of that book! – And so we’re clear – that’s the whole point. The point of intentionally and systematically reading the Bible isn’t to gain an encyclopedic knowledge of an ancient book of wisdom. The point is to create in your life the kind of environment where God can meet you and speak to you.

In John 5:39-40 Jesus was challenging the religious know it all’s of his day who, though they knew the text, were still blind to the presence and the voice of God in their lives.

“You search the Scriptures because you think they give you eternal life. But the Scriptures point to me! Yet you refuse to come to me to receive this life.”

In case you missed that:  The point of reading is to know Him better(.)

Next time you are reading the scriptures:

  1. Ask God if there is something in the passage you are reading that he wants to say to you.

  2. Then ask him what he wants you to learn about himself through the passage.

  3. And finally, try rewriting the lesson in the passage as you would share it with someone who might need to hear that message.

It can be a tough thing to reframe a story or teaching into a modern day and contextual equivalent, but it will help you learn to let God’s word shape you and it will help you better connect with God through His word.

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