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80% Of Companies Don’t Care About Company Culture–Do You?

Design Executive Officers certainly do. And the authors of the new book Rise of the DEO: Leadership by Design believe they’re the future of business. In the Rise of the DEO, Giudice and Ireland write, “Culture is the unique collection of beliefs and practices that communicates a company’s values, whether or not they’ve been formalized or articulated. A well-designed culture unites stakeholders in a shared understanding of “the right thing to do.” It becomes the unseen but firmly rooted infrastructure that coaches new hires and comforts old-timers. It’s the force that attracts like-minded talent and repels those with different attitudes or behaviors. A positive company culture can boost growth, while a negative or mediocre one can speed failure.”

I’ve heard it said that Culture > Strategy.  What do you think?  And how can we build or steer culture.


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