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Women’s Day

Well I’m not entirely socialist but I do love and respect the women around me enough that I wanted to drop this quick shout out to the fairer sex.

What started as a socialist scheme to promote equal rights for women (those rotten socialists – always promoting… ok forget it.) has blossomed into a great excuse to celebrate the achievements of women and to promote equality for women who in many countries and cultures (not excluding our own) do not enjoy such an ideal.

The Apostle Paul was a firm believer in heralding the accomplishments and influence of the great women in his life. In Roman’s 16:7 Paul makes it a point to send his warmest greetings to ,”Andronicus and Junia, my fellow Jews who have been in prison with me. They are outstanding among the apostles, and they were in Christ before I was.”

Scot McKnight wrote a fantastic little book that you can pick up for your Kindle on this influential gal and it would do you all well to read it!

Here is a quick publishers intro to the book as released.

In this fierce essay, leading Bible scholar Scot McKnight tells the story of Junia, a female apostle honored by Paul in his Letter to the Romans—and then silenced and forgotten for most of church history. But Junia’s tragedy is not hers alone. She’s joined by fellow women in the Bible whose stories of bold leadership have been overlooked. She’s in the company of visionary women of God throughout the centuries whose names we’ve forgotten, whose stories go untold, and whose witness we neglect to celebrate. But Junia is also joined by women today—women who are no longer silent and who are experiencing a re-voicing as they respond to God’s call to lead us into all truth.

I think we still have a long way to go in recognizing the influence of and releasing into the full potential and freedom that is God’s design for the women in our lives.

So let me line up with Paul and others and say thanks to Luana, Abigail and Esther who i get to live with every day.

To my mom Helen, and my big sisters Pam and Laura of whom I am so proud.

Then to Rolene, Dawn, Mary, Heather and Dianne who I get to labour beside.

And all the others whose influenced has shaped who I am.

May God bless you as you pour yourself into becoming all that God created you to be.  And may you gracefully overcome any who would stand in your way.


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