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Why Sharing Stories Brings People Together | Psychology Today

I love a good story. I get that from my mom. She loved a good story and spent my entire upbringing telling us and people all around us stories. She loved the spinning of a yarn so much that she even spent some time as a professional story-teller. My story-telling obsession started in grade 4 when we had to do public speaking for the first time. I laboured over the idea that this was another homework assignment where i had to learn something of note about sports or dragons or something cool and share it with the class. It was terrible. Until I decided that instead of #learning something about sports or dragons so I could complete the assignment, I could simply share some of the stories that had been a part of my life, with my class. My speech that year was called, “When I was a Kid” and was simply a collection of the most far-fetched, up hill both ways, kind of stuff that I had heard up to that point, from my mom. I had so much fun telling my stories (my dad and mom’s stories) and it was probably the first time I excelled in anything academically. I’ve been in

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ministry for 15 years or so now and I’m pretty grateful that i get to spend a lot of time telling stories. I feel pretty thankful for all my mom taught me and I hope that my kids don’t grow up needing therapy. Check out this awesome post from Psychology today on the power of story. Why Sharing Stories Brings People Together | Psychology Today.


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