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What moves you?

On sunday we talked about our need to get rid of doubt in order to move forward in our walk of faith. The idea is not complicated – that when God paints for you a picture of a better land, but you doubt it’s existence or your ability to enter into it, that land becomes, for all intensive purposes, unaccessible to you. I have been thinking about this a lot lately. I have doubts. I can’t deny it. My time with God often yields visions of grandeur that my doubts skew untill they appear to be a mislabeled post from someone elses wonder-working God. They are not, but still they sit in my inbox for weeks and months all the while marked “urgent” or “time sensitive” while I doubt they could really be for me. The problem with doubt is not how they make you feel, it is

what they make you do. I’d like to say that i spend my days walking by faith but if the truth were known, i wonder how many steps i actually muster each day. It seems that things other than faith move me sometimes. There may actually be a long list of things that move me in faiths stead. Things like doubt yes, but also things like fear, and prehaps the desire for comfort. I’m going to burn this story in my mind so that i can be so moved. Acts 20:18-35


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