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What does it really take to succeed?

What’s the single greatest level of achievement that you can imagine? I’m not talking about Rock Star or Astronaut kind of stuff – unless those are goals that you personally strive after. What’s the thing that has you dreaming all day and then keeps you awake at night? What if I could tell you how to achieve that goal or at

least dramatically improve your chances of achieving that goal? What if I could tell you the trait or attribute that can help you most in achieving any goal that you have in front of you? Want to loose weight? Run a Marathon? Learn a new language? Angela Duckworth from the University of Pennsylvania, has travelled from West Point and the National Spelling Bee, to grade 7 math class in a quest to discover why some people succeed in achieving their goals and some do not. Why are some of the most unlikely people successful and why are some of those most likely to succeed, not. The answer is GRIT. Check out this incredible video and spend some time today dusting off old dreams.

What have you done in your life to build GRIT?


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