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>What does a win look like?


A couple weeks ago we called our ministry team leaders together for a training event where we talked about what a win looks like.

The greatest take home for me was the realization that i obviously haven’t done enough to teach our leaders what a win looks like.

I realize that the language of metaphor can make it hard for teachers to get the kinds of answers they are looking for but still i am embarrassed to tell you just how hard it was for our folks to come up with good answers to the question:

What does a win look like in your ministry?

This morning on the Catalyst Blog they posted a great article by Matt Keller.

as always you can read the whole thing by going to their site but let me summarize here.

In order to See the Wins, you must…

1. Play your own Game. Comparison is a deadly game. You were called to pastor in your city, your town and your church for a reason. Every church has a unique vision to fulfill and people to reach. Embrace your church’s game plan. Play your game, not someone else’s game.

2. Set Realistic 1st Down Markers. We fail to see the wins when we set unrealistic 1st downs.

Each of our ministries have a hundred different factors that play into whether we win or lose on a daily basis. We must get real about what’s possible in our churches. Create 1st downs according to your reality.

3. Redefine True Wins. How often have you fallen into the trap of measuring wins by one of the three B’s: “Butts, Budgets, and Buildings?” True wins aren’t measured in any of those areas. A true win is life-change, one story at a time. It’s fixing a single mom’s car, or seeing one teenager commit to moral purity.

4. Celebrate True Wins. As the leader of your church, your primary responsibility is to identify where your church is winning on a consistent basis. It is your job to talk about those wins and celebrate them as often as you can. At NLC, we start every leadership meeting with the question, “Where are we winning?” This question engages our leaders to look for wins. It also forces them to connect the dots between what they do and the stories of life-change happening all around.

When you live in a ministry world, you must be able to know when you’re winning, otherwise you’ll burn out. Around Next Level Church, we have a statement that keeps us in touch with the wins on a daily basis:

“If you don’t celebrate the small stuff, you’ll never celebrate!”

It’s time to see the wins and start celebrating!

What a great article from the guys at Catalyst and Matt Keller.

Matt’s info is below.

However you are serving Christ’s Kingdom, go out a look for a win and celebrate changed lives and love shown.

Matt Keller is the author of The Up the Middle Church, a book written for leaders and leadership teams of churches that find themselves living an Up-the-Middle reality. To purchase copies for you and your team go to: Matt is also the lead pastor of Next Level Church in Fort Myers, FL, a church that began in 2002 with 4 people in a coffee shop and now serves over 1,000 people weekly. ( Matt blogs at


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