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Some things will never change!

This Sunday morning we introduced the first of 2 applicants that we are considering for our Lead Pastor position at Redwood.  It’s exciting to be moving in the direction of finally adding this critical piece to our staff team.  God has been so good to us over the last 18 months.  We’ve seen growth continue on many fronts as more and more people are stepping onto a pathway of personal growth and becoming part of the larger Mission of Jesus that drives us as a church.

This Sunday as we tried to express our excitement and wonder about where God was leading us in the future, some of you expressed concern that we might loose some of what has made Redwood who we are.  Truth is, God is leading us into new and exciting things, but some things will never change.  Redwood will always be committed, first and foremost, to being a part of the work that Jesus himself came to earth to do – His Mission.

I saw a video recently that, I thought, does a great job distilling the Mission that drive Redwood Park as a church, into 3 key areas of focus.

Check out this video and tell me if it helps you understand Christ’s mission more clearly, or creates more questions.


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