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>short on time?

>Ok so i was reading this and was challenged some by hearing how much effort Jim Collins puts into tracking how he spends his time…

It said he keeps “a running tally of how he’s spending his time, and whether he’s sticking to a big goal he set for himself years ago: to spend 50 percent of his workdays on creative pursuits like research and writing books, 30 percent on teaching-related activities, and 20 percent on all the other things he has to do.”

i recently did up a time sheet to try to better answer the questions, what does a pastor do with his time?

It didn’t help. There are so many different areas and tasks and responsibilities – it almost seemed to muddy the waters more.

This year I am going to set some of those goals for the coming year or 2 and categorize things a little better so I can make sure i am spending my time how i should.


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