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>Rules of the Game

>Well, spirituality took a back seat in this weeks discussion. It was still there, but we ignored it when it tried to give us directions. I’ll comment on that some other time.

I think we agreed that the many different church denominations have distinguished themselves by the traditions they enforce. And that enforcing traditions kind of defeats the purpose and it makes Christians look divided and therefore foolish because we can’t agree on how we should dress at church.

Church traditions are soully for the personal preference of the congregation. Choosing which church to go to based on whether they are strict about certain things is our way of having some control over this ‘faith thing’. And I’m worried that it’s the traditions, which are entirely deemed by man and not God, that can, and have deterred people from exploring a life with Jesus.

Isn’t it important, to be united with and accepting of other Christian churches, no matter how orthodox thier pastor, minister or priests are, no matter what there dress code is on Sundays, or how formal their wedding ceremonies are.

Trust me I remember being on the outside, and I remember thinking what a joke those churches are. Even if I wanted to believe in God, how would I know who was right. Like a parent who loves all of their children equally no matter their differences, doesn’t God love all of his children. Why do we spend so much time fighting with our brothers about the rules of the game. This isn’t monopoly. I think people just want to be able to say, “I’m right”, ” I know better,” or “I win, you lose, sucker.”

I don’t think that’s what God had in mind.


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