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>Missional Living

>At our church we have this cute little bookmark with the title: I will live the mission.

So i stumbled on this great little post by Jonathan Dodson @

I want to make sure I give credit where it is due by directing you to go read the whole thing there instead of here.

Here is a snapshot of what it means to live missionally in simplespeak.

* Eat with non-Christians * Walk, don’t drive ,around your neighborhood when possible. * Be a “regular” at your local coffee shop, restaurant, market, hair cut, etc * Hobby with non-Christians – find extra curriculars that you enjoy that you can do with all kinds of people * Develop relationships with your co-workers and pray for them * Volunteer with a non-profit once a month, and bring your family, friends and small group too! * Instead of watching TV or playing XBOX, participate in city events, get in the mix * Serve your neighbors – like weeding and fixing their cars.

so go on. Click here and read the whole post. It’s better than my bookmark


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