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I gotta be me

Ever wanted to be something you’re not? You see I believe there is nothing like living in your sweet spot. Doing that thing that you were created to do. The thing that you love to do. The thing that makes you feel like God is smiling on you. But I’ve also jumped eyes wide open into “experiences of discovery” when you realize that just because you thought you could, doesn’t mean you actually should. I was 6 when I first really understood what it meant when my mom warned me:

“…make sure your eyes aren’t bigger than your stomach!”

Even at 6 it seemed hard to imagine that eyes, even in pairs, could be bigger

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than a stomach but I confess I’ve returned many times to my mom’s fateful warnings. I’m a dreamer, a creative. I’m always looking for a new way to do something – not because the old way doesn’t work, but because doing it a new way is more fun and just may yield a new dimension of performance. This creative urge and optimistic bent has repeatedly landed me in over my head. This has led to one of only 2 outcomes. The first is I discover that new possibilities are out there and that I’m able to rise higher than I first imagined. The second is the painful reminder that living outside of my level is living outside of God’s will – at least for that season of my life. I’m not saying that people aren’t capable of growing beyond their present capacity. They are – and one of my biggest beefs are the limiters around us whose self appointed role is to tell people what they can’t do. I will never be one of those people. But I do want to serve today as one with big eyes, warning you all to take care out there. Living outside your level for too long can be dangerous.


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