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How you are amazing? Let me count the ways!

Over the last few years I’ve been relying more heavily on lists to help organize my goals and my daily activities.  Some people I know are very structured in the way they approach life.  I want to wake up and check the weather before I decide what mountain I’m going to climb that day.  The problem with that is that many of the mountains worth climbing require much more than a sunny day to summit.

Using the simple tool of list writing has helped me be far more intentional about mapping out my goals.

  1. Lists force me to clarify what I’m trying to accomplish.

  2. Lists force me to break into intentional steps the path to accomplishing my goals.

  3. Lists force me to order or reorder the steps I need to take to do things most efficiently and effectively

  4. Lists force me to be realistic about how long it’s going to take to navigate each section of the course.

  5. Lists give me a an incredible sense of accomplishment, not just in achieving the goal but in ticking all the boxes that lead up to the goal itself.

Last post in the #NewYearNewYou series, I said that key to becoming the best version of yourself is to prayerfully set some goals in different areas of your life.   Remember, when it’s in your head it’s a dream, when it’s on your calendar it’s a goal, when it’s got a list, it’s a plan.

Think it then Ink it, then break it down into milestones, measureables, steps or to do’s that will get you to your goal.

Here are a couple of my favourite Lists, and some examples.

The Bucket List

Machu Picchu, Peru

  1. Hike to the top of Machu Picchu

  2. Hail a taxi in New York and shout “Follow that Car!”

The Finnish List

A couple of years ago I first discovered a little nugget of gold called the Finish List (not a list for Finns or of Finns).  A Finish List is a list of goals or projects that have been on the books but for one reason or another remain incomplete.

  1. Shed those last few lbs

  2. Replace the nasty backsplash

  3. Clean out the garage

Seriously, it’s time.

The Quit List

This is the list of things that you need to stop doing!

  1. Stop answering the phone during supper.  (You can call them back in an hour.)

  2. Stop drinking so much Soda. (you know you can clean your toilet with that stuff?  That’s gross!)

  3. Stop getting so bent out of shape when someone criticizes you (An honest answer is like a kiss on the lips…  Pucker up Buttercup!)

  4. Stop insulating yourself from every risk! (Take a chance, ask her out!)

HoneyDo Lists

I love this list.  It’s a list of really important things that you need to do just cause your beautiful wife asked (or hinted at) you to do them.

  1. Pick up some dill, and feta.

  2. drop of kids at the Edge

  3. rub her feet.

Reading List

What kind of lists do you have going?  Leave a comment with one of your favourite tasks on one of those lists?


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