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>from my reading

>I won’t bore you with the details of what brought me to this but one guy had a great post on what “emerging” is starting to look like but it had lots of pottytalk so i won’t send you there. He did have a link to here and i liked what it says.

A definition of alternative worship by Steve Collins 2005


  1. Christians reinventing faith expression for themselves within their own cultural settings

  2. a response to postmodern Western society and cultural change

  3. faith expression within culture not in a parallel ‘Christian’ culture

  4. reconsideration of all inherited church forms and structures, including recent modernising ones

  5. rediscovery of ancient and alternative Christian traditions as resources for the present and future

  6. paradigm shift from centralised into networked forms of church

I especially like the one in bold. I crave Faith in culture. I have grown wearly and lonely and i feel un-fulfilled sometimes when i get myself lost in the Christian Culture. I love the body of Christ, i just don’t think we were meant to live in a gated community. I love to see faith expression within the culture. It’s just hard from where i sit.


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