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Farewell to the Rapture by N.T. Wright

Don’t get me wrong.  It’s not that i don’t think it could happen.  At Redwood we’ve been working with many on the staff team and a couple of our key ministry leaders to get them prepared for their credentialling exam in June and we’ve been talking about what it means to believe that Christ’s return is imminent.

Christ really could return at any time.

It’s just that part of that belief is the idea of maintaining a posture of expectation, of working with an attitude of urgency, and watching with hope – cause you never know when it could happen!

I have friends who long for his appearing – but I’ve never met anyone who thought they knew the day or hour when it would come…

Not that I’m telling you what you should believe on this, but this is a great article to give you something to think about while you watch and while you work.


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