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Evening Prayer

I’m in the spare room of the house I grew up in as I write this. I’m here because this week my mom had a fall. While taking a quick walk to clear her head she rolled over on her ankle and fell breaking her ankle, her left wrist and shattering her right elbow. What makes this particularly complicated is that my mom has been caring for my dad these last couple years as his health deteriorates. My dad is at the stage where he can’t care for himself. Some days he doesn’t have the strength to roll himself up and out of bed.

So I’m here, wrestling with a ton of mixed emotions. When I was in Thunder Bay when this happened, I wished I was here. Now that I’m here, I feel like I should be there.

And while I sit here typing away both of my folks are stuck in a situation that they are powerless to change. Feeling helpless.

So I’ve been looking for words to pray for them, and I’ve been praying lots.

This song / prayer came up as I was praying the hours tonight. I think I liked it cause it felt like it was written by someone struggling with mixed emotions

O Holy Spirit, by whose breath; Life rises vibrant out of death; Come to create, renew, inspire; Kindle in our hearts your fire. You are the seeker’s sure resource, Of burning love the living source, Protector in the midst of strife, The giver and the Lord of life. Flood our dull senses with your light; In mutual love our hearts unite. Your power the whole creation fills; Confirm our weak, uncertain wills. From inner strife grant us release; Turn nations to the ways of peace. To fuller life your people bring That as one body we may sing: Praise to the Father, Christ his Word, And to the Spirit: God the Lord, To whom all honor, glory be Both now and for eternity. Rabanus Maurus


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