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>Driving to Thunder Bay: Day 1, Part 2


Our children got to stay in a hotel for the very first time in Kapuskasing. They thought the two big beds were amazing. Shiloh, in particular, thought that a bathroom in the room was a wondrous thing. Obviously, Darryl and I did not adequately describe a hotel room to our children. “Look Mommy! It even has a bathtub!!!”

After thoroughly exploring the room, the children were even more excited to go swimming. It was late, but they had sat in the van all day and were literally bouncing off the walls (and the beds). It was a bitterly cold night and the pool was in a chilly, glass-enclosed room. Thankfully, the pool was heated. We finished with a relaxing soak in the hot tub. The children were now thoroughly tired out and slept angelically all night.


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