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>You know that phrase, you win some you loose some.

how about, the Lord gives and the Lord Takes away.

how about, life’s a beach… I never got that one.

Matthew 10 talks about what it means to follow Christ. Part of what it says is that we have to be willing to surrender our relationships with people for the sake of our relationship with God. I know that God will not ask of me every relationship in my life. He set the whole thing up so that we would each depend, in many ways, on other people in our lives to help us grow and for general health in life. I have been blessed with some pretty amazing friendships. For that i am very thankful.

I think I lost a friend recently.

The worst part is there is no question about it. I’m pretty sure i got dumped. I wish i could say it was mutual. It wasn’t. We weren’t compatible or anything but that has never mattered to me. I have always enjoyed friends of all kinds. Many of whom were quite different from me. This was the case here. I guess i thought that we would keep on doing what we were doing – being different – in friendship, where we could stretch, and challenge, and influence each other, or at least teach each other how to love people different than you. They didn’t feel the same.

i didn’t plan on sharing any of this. but i read a post that reminded me that blogs aren’t just about entertainment but also about sharing life. I guess the threat in all of that is that when you share life, It give people the chance to follow another link and opt out.

I guess we all have to learn like C.S. Lewis “The pain is now part of the happiness then. That’s the deal.”


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