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Delegates and Delinquents

Woke up to a great post from Michael Hyatt on delegating. I have lots to learn in this area of leadership because I swing between struggling to let go, and struggling with the outcome of the assignment.


I think a lot of that has been because i’ve made less that good choices on how much responsibility to delegate and what level of supervision to offer to my delegates.  I remember well that old adage that delegation isn’t abdication but i’ve often erred on the side of trying to do everything but the simplest task myself.

Michael Hyatt had this to offer on that.

When you’re delegating an assignment to someone, understand and articulate what level of delegation you’re using. Level #1: Do exactly what I have asked you to do. Level #2: Research the topic and report back. Level #3: Research the topic and make a recommendation. Level #4: Make a decision, and then tell me what you did. Level #5: Make whatever decision you think is best.

This great article made me wonder how much more effective I could be if I was more intentional about working with others.


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