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Come or Come Back

Bumped into a friend at the gym today who was feeling kindof guilty about not being around much. It wasn’t that i’d done anything to make him feel guilty, it’s just that a number of friends had been asking him lately where he’d been cause he’d been missed. In less than a week we’ll come to the first Sunday of 2013 and I’d love to see you at Redwood!

We’re starting a brand new series about Getting past your past and it’s going to be a great start for anyone looking for one. If you’ve never been to Redwood before I want you to know that we’d love it if you came. IF you have been to Redwood, I want you to know that you’re always welcome to come back. Is that enough? Are you coming? Not sure? I think people who are thinking about coming back to church need

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to know a few things to get them to the point of decision.

  1. I think people need to know what they’re missing. Every week at Redwood we’ve got great music and a ton of laughs, and every week people get another look at what’s possible if you give God the chance to impact your life. Redwood is filled with people just like you – all of us trying to figure out how life is supposed to work and how to make the most of it. Ask around and people will tell you that being a part of Redwood has made their life better!

  2. People need to know they’ve been missed. Truth is Redwood is a pretty big church. It’s easy to slip in and slip out unnoticed. If we haven’t noticed you missing yet then come on Sunday and introduce yourself to me cause i’d love to help you get connected.

  3. People need to know they won’t be judged, that there is no such thing as being AWOL, it’s just being away, and you’re always welcome to come back. We’ll jump right back in where we left off and make the new year even better.

Start off 2013 well and come or come back to Redwood! You might be surprised by what God will do this year!


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