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a soundtrack for life

I was talking to Jordan last weekend about the day’s theme song and he seemed surprised at that idea – and that kind of surprised me. I guess I thought everyone had a theme song or a soundtrack going on in the background of their everydays. It saddens me some to think that people would have to go through life without a song playing in the background or for that matter a story that requires a song going on in the background.

Well this is a big weekend. It’s Easter. Now, there is no shortage of songs that could provide a backdrop for the most pivotal moment in history. A song or two has been written for the occasion, but this year is a bit different for me.

For at least the last 15 years I’ve spent the weeks leading up to Easter preparing a weekends worth of church services with messages and music and art and decorations.

I realized this morning that this is the first year in that amount of time that I’ve had very little Easter prep to do.

It’s not that I’ve had nothing to do, I’ve got lots on the go, it’s just that what I’ve had to do this year for Easter has been different than in past years.

All of that “different” has meant that the usual process of preparing my heart for Easter has been different too.

It’s not like I’ve done nothing to prepare – this year I gave up coke for lent. Seems small to you but you try giving up something that you’re used to enjoying at least twice a day and see if you don’t notice 🙂 . It wasn’t all that difficult but it still proved a good reminder to me that my life’s not all about me giving myself whatever i want.

I also took part in a book study on Scott McKnight’s book 40 days living the Jesus Creed. It was awesome… but the study ended a week ago and since then I’ve found myself busied with all sorts of work and little preparation.

I noticed last night that I wasn’t at the place i wanted to be for Easter Weekend. I hadn’t given near enough thought to the most beautiful story ever told. – Where God leaves his position of privilege and humbles himself for a lifetime (though far too short of one) and then surrenders himself to the people who would end up killing him because they weren’t ready to accept their place in the story.

so for Jordan and for myself and for anyone else who needs it, I decided to spend a few minutes going over the story and turning up the soundtrack.

Here it is. But before you listen some quick context. – Years (and years) ago a friend that had a huge influence on my life introduced me to The Choir and Derri Daughtery. I chose the Choir’s version of this song

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for today’s soundtrack cause it was Derri and Steve who wrote it, and since then many have borrowed and covered and replayed and replayed it as a soundtrack for this awesome story.


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