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Leadership for seasons of change

Seasons of stress, change, conflict or transition are windows of opportunity for leaders as well as their churches or organizations to experience increased health, refocused vision and mission, as well as relational and organizational renewal as a way to enter the next season with renewed momentum.  Leadership coaches are transitional leaders that help people understand and overcome obstacles to the process of change.  Coaches uncover insights and offer tools and the guidance that boards and their stakeholders are looking for to build unity and momentum, so they can face the future with new passion to make progress.

How Can I Help?

Coaches are change experts who help leaders take responsibility and act to maximize their own potential..

Growth stems from developing the unique competencies, technical knowledge, and people skills that are found within teams and businesses alike.   Grip Birkman uses industry leading tools that develop and enhance the human capital within organizations and helps individuals realize their inner potential.

Strategic assessment of your systems and strategies to bring the alignment necessary to reach your preferred future.
Culture eats strategy for lunch. Build the kind of values based culture that can help carry you through times of transition and change.
I love helping people and organizations communicate effectively to deepen connection and expand the limits of their reach.
Assess and renew organizational systems and structures to create agile and accountable leadership teams to move your organization forward.

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Vision Renewal

Churches in transition often experience crisis of identity where they question their vision or their ability to accomplish or succeed in their dreams.  I work with churches to clarify their mission and vision and to assess the state of team and organizational alignment around that mission or Vision.

structural renewal

Structural Renewal

Every church or organization needs structure like every body needs a skeleton.  Weak or neglected structures make the body inefficient, loosing agility and getting clumsy.  Churches with healthy structures can respond quickly to opportunities and accomplish more of their dreams and goals.


Spiritual and Relational Renewal

A community with renewed spiritual expectation and a passionate faith in God’s purposes is poised to impact the world around them.  It is essential, however, to enter the future unencumbered by unresolved issues from the past.  Restoring healthy patterns of communication, and extending grace and empathy to others in conflict are essential to building healthy relationships and a necessary step before moving forward in vision and on mission.

How can I help your team?

Training, retreats, or as a transformational coach for your church or leadership team.
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