Why we do it: How to focus your teaching for impact.

As part of the teaching team at Redwood I am constantly thinking about how to communicate in a way that actually helps people live the kind of lives that they dream of living. We’ve all heard messages that contain lots of great information (some, not so much), but which do very little to help or […]



Evening Prayer

Almighty God, to whom our needs are known before we even ask, Help me to ask only what accords with your will; and those good things which I dare not, or in my blindness I cannot ask, grant for the sake of your Son Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.†

The single greatest thing you can learn to help you succeed.

What’s the single greatest level of achievement that you can imagine?  I’m not talking about Rock Star or Astronaut kind of stuff – unless those are goals that you personally strive after. What’s the thing that has you dreaming all day and then keeps you awake at night? What if I could tell you how […]